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Which site can handle a “Saber” roto league best?
Posted: 26 September 2006 03:50 PM   [ Ignore ]

I’d like to start a roto league next year based entirely on Sabermetric stats. Still thinking about which ones to use, but I am so tired of playing roto with the traditional 5x5.

Does anyone know which sites have the MOST flexibility with regards to category or stat types they can implement?

Also, if anyone has experience with these types of leagues, please chime in with suggestions about which categories you used, what worked, what didn’t, and how well the site you used handled it.

Thanks in advance to anyone taking the time to respond.

Posted: 03 October 2006 02:12 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]

Shoewizard, I’ve used Yahoo’s basic fantasy league for a SABR league in each of the last two years, and it works quite well.  Their engine lets you choose to calculate any number of statistical categories on a day-by-day points/standings-position basis, and the available categories include OBP, OPS, TB, K-BB (for both hitters and pitchers, I think), K/9 ip, OUTS, etc.  This past season, I used OBP, TB, and SLG for position players and K-BB, K/9, raw K, and OUTS for pitchers. You’re also able to specify that the starting outfield must have a LF, a CF, and an RF, which position designations are applied the same way as any others.  There’s a full range of commissioner tools, too, so you can have any or no trade deadline, any or no can’t cut list, any roster size, a live or computer draft, etc.

I really can’t say that I find the Yahoo engine wanting in any important way, except of course that it can’t do a keeper league.

Posted: 05 October 2006 04:53 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 2 ]

Hey, thanks for the info on Yahoo. I didn’t realize they had so many options.

I was planning on a keeper league, and also a “minor league” roster setup as well.  So that is a bit of a problem.
I wonder if we can deterimine our keepers “off line” and then enter them at the draft through commish controls or something.
Can Yahoo handle minor league rosters?

Thanks again.