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Mrs. Elbow’s Sausage and Sog
Posted: 04 January 2007 10:07 PM   [ Ignore ]

Take five* medium-sized potatoes.  Russet’s fine.  Slice ‘em up, fairly thin…maybe a quarter inch thick.  Throw ‘em in a frying pan.  Then take about three-quarters of a pound* of kielbasa.  Slice it up just like you cut the potatoes.  Throw it in with the potatoes.  Take a couple tablespoons* of chopped onions.  Throw it in with the potatoes and kielbasa.

Fry the ingredients until the kielbasa’s brown.  Eat the resulting food.

(*-Mrs. Elbow doesn’t believe in exact measurements.  If you want more of any of the ingredients, feel free to experiment.)

Makes enough for two very hungry adults.  Although I guess you can probably figure out how many people it feeds - it’s five potatoes and three-quarters of a pound of kielbasa.)

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