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Math Help - determining my own dollar values
Posted: 17 January 2007 02:48 PM   [ Ignore ]

How do I determine $$ values for my fantasy baseball league?

I have my own projections to calculate the underlying stats, but the math is stumping me. How much is each run, rbi, etc worth? I started by determing wha the $0 player is (based upon the number of players the whole league needs to draft) but where do I go from here? What is the $1 player worth.

Example - the $0 player in my league would be:
71 R, 67 RBI, 15 HR, 11 SB

I project Albert Pujols to be at:
128 R, 120 RBI, 42 HR, 9 SB

What should his salary be!

I need help with the math so I can do this myself. Thank you!

PS - for the super go getters - I have a 10 team, $280 cap league

Posted: 19 January 2007 01:38 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]

Well here is a man who wants to know how much he should pay Albert Pooholes and I say this whatever Pooholes wants.  Do you not under stand that he is the greatest hitter since Roy Hobs and Joe The Maggio all rold into 1.  Mr Williams our GM understands this and this is why he payed Jim Tumi Umpteen Million Dollars and there is more where that came from.  You can never be a winner with nickel and diming it look at Billy Beans who plays Money Ball and pays his players the clippings of tins and how many rings does he have as compared to Jack Keefe of Chi. just about zero percent you bet.

Posted: 25 January 2007 05:38 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 2 ]

There’s a couple of different methodologies for finding dollar values:

By finding the replacement level player, you’re already on the first step of PVM.  However, if you’re interested in SGP, Art McGee has a new edition of “How to Value Players for Rotisserie Baseball” coming out soon that explains his methodology for finding SGP.  I don’t know what it includes that isn’t in the article above, but it still looks interesting to me: