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Stephen Drew
Posted: 03 February 2007 12:57 AM   [ Ignore ]

How good of a career will Steven Drew have?

Posted: 03 February 2007 06:15 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]

Well now Al the question is how good of a career will Stephen Drew have he plays for the Daimon Backs Al.  I asked Mr Williams our GM how he can tell if a player will be a good 1 and Mr Williams said Keefe do not tell any 1 but all GMs use the same predicting devise it is better than POCOROBA.  Keefe said Mr Williams let me show you.  And what do you think Al it is the Magic Eight Ball.  Mr Williams said he ast the 8 Ball about Brenda McCarthy and got back the answer Outlook Not So Good and then for John Tanks it was Signs Point to Yes so he traded the 2 of them for each other.  I ast if I could slip the 8 Ball the Stephen Drew question but Mr Williams said no it is Proprietery.  Then Ozzie Guillen passed the office and said Kenny have you Asked Again Later about Keefe yet and Mr Williams said Reply Hazy we had better keep him for now.

Posted: 03 February 2007 08:47 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 2 ]

I don’t see any reason why Drew can’t have a long, productive career - while he’s probably not quite as good right now as he hit for the Diamondbacks, it’s a good sign and there’s a long way to fall to not be good.  He’s not going to be a defensive star by any stretch of the imagination at short, but 3 of the big 4 aren’t exactly great defensive shortstops either.


“A critic who refuses to attack what is bad is not
a whole-hearted supporter of what is good.”

-Robert Schumann

Posted: 04 February 2007 09:29 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 3 ]

The knocks on him are somewhat out of his control.  People knock his attitude and durability because he has a brother with those shortcomings, but I’d like to see a little more proof on the immutability of genetics before granting those points in total.  He’s never been particularly young for his level- pretty average all over.  Still, he dominated college ball, then ascended to the majors fairly quickly, so that’s hardly a drawback.

One positive which one might overlook, also associated with JD, is the performance itself.  If they have similar natural ability, Stephen actually has the advantage that he has not experienced the combination of bad luck and fragility that has truly diminished JD’s ability.  I have frequently heard the assertion that JD has lost power from his shoulder.  Stephen has not had that problem yet, and without a guarantee that he will have it, I consider that something of an advantage.  If he gets even close to his PECOTA projection of a .504 SLG this year, that’s pretty phenomenal for a rookie SS.

I don’t think he’s on the level of Reyes, and I think he’s decidedly below the SS Trinity when they were his age, but with Chase Utley and Ernie Banks among his comps, he has to be just below that level.