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Established Sabr League Needs An Owner
Posted: 18 February 2007 07:15 PM   [ Ignore ]

Hi, I’m the commish of a sabr flavored league which has been running for about 5 years. We need one more owner. A bit about the league:

- We use the free Yahoo service
- Our points system is a modified version of something I found on line that Keith Woolner came up with years ago. For hitters it mirrors OPS pretty well and for pitchers James’ game score.
- All the owners are pretty active.
- We have 18 teams
- The roster is 25 men (9 active position players and 9 active pitchers - 5 SP and 4 RP)
- Each team has a 5 man minor league team
- Our keeper system works like this:

Each year it becomes more expensive to keep a player in terms of their draft slot. Generally their draft slot moves up 3 slots from year-to-year (It decreases once you get within round 5.) For example, say I draft Joe Schmo in round 7 of last years (06) draft. This year, if I want to keep him, I have to use my 4th round draft slot to keep him.  It works really well in terms of mirroring the pre-arb/pre-FA situation in MLB.

If you’re interested in the league, feel free to contact me at nickgieschen yahoo.