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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Most Meritorious Player: 2006 Ballot

For 2006 each voter should rank the top 15 players from all leagues combined.

Balloting is scheduled to close at 4pm EDT on 2 August 2017.

Anyone can vote, even if you do not normally participate in Hall of Merit discussions. If you have never participated in an MMP election, just post a preliminary ballot in the discussion thread by 1 August 2017.

For detailed rules see one of our previous ballots.

DL from MN Posted: July 25, 2017 at 03:38 PM | 18 comment(s) Login to Bookmark
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   1. DL from MN Posted: July 25, 2017 at 06:17 PM (#5499747)
2006 Ballot

1) Carlos Beltran - good glove, good postseason
2) Albert Pujols - Fangraphs does not like his defense, best bat, great postseason
3) Johan Santana - Easily the best pitcher, one good playoff outing
4) Joe Mauer - C bonus
5) Chase Utley - Good glove
6) Brandon Webb - best NL pitcher
7) Carlos Guillen - good bat for SS, good postseason
8) Bronson Arroyo
9) Grady Sizemore - good glove, bat, baserunning
10) Jered Weaver - substantial minor league credit for the ROY
11) Jose Reyes - small postseason credit
12) Derek Jeter - after postseason, was #15
13) Vernon Wells
14) Scott Rolen - postseason bump
15) Roy Oswalt

16-20) Miguel Cabrera, Bill Hall, Chien-Ming Wang, John Smoltz, Chris Carpenter
21-27) Brian McCann, Andruw Jones, Ramon Hernandez, Jorge Posada, Curt Schilling, Carlos Zambrano, Adrian Beltre
   2. John (You Can Call Me Grandma) Murphy Posted: July 25, 2017 at 06:55 PM (#5499773)
Official 2006 MMP Ballot (no postseason bonuses):

1) Albert Pujols: Best ML player and first baseman.
2) Carlos Beltran: Best ML center fielder.
3) Joe Mauer: Best AL player and ML catcher.
4) Miguel Cabrera: Best ML third baseman.
5) Ryan Howard
6) Grady Sizemore: Best AL center fielder.
7) Derek Jeter: Best ML shortstop.
8) Travis Hafner: Best DH.
9) Chase Utley: Best ML second baseman.
10) Lance Berkman
11) Johan Santana: Best ML pitcher.
12) Alfonso Soriano: Best ML left fielder.
13) Carlos Guillen
14) David Ortiz
15) Jose Reyes: Best NL shortstop.

Best NL pitcher: Brandon Webb
   3. Qufini Posted: July 26, 2017 at 02:32 PM (#5500179)
2006 Prelim

1. Albert Pujols, 1B, St. Louis Cardinals: 178 OPS+ leads NL; +17 fielding is remarkable for a first baseman
2. Ryan Howard, 1B, Philadelphia Phillies: 167 OPS+ and 169 RC more than offsets -9 fielding
3. Johan Santana, P, Minnesota Twins: best player in the AL thanks to league-leading 162 ERA+ and 233 IP
4. Travis Hafner, DH, Cleveland Indians: 181 OPS+ leads MLB
5. Chase Utley, 2B, Philadelphia Phillies: incredible all around play: 125 OPS+, 136 RC, +5 baserunning and +18 fielding
6. David Ortiz, DH, Boston Red Sox: 152 RC leads the AL while 161 OPS+ is 3rd
7. Joe Mauer, C, Minnesota Twins: top ten in AL OPS+ with 144 from the backstop
8. Lance Berkman, 1B/RF, Houston Astros: 163 OPS+ and 144 RC
9. Miguel Cabrera, 3B, Florida Marlins: 159 OPS+ and 139 RC
10. Derek Jeter, SS, New York Yankees: good at almost everything: 132 OPS+, 133 RC, +4 baserunning; too bad about that -18 fielding
11. Carlos Beltran, CF, New York Mets: 150 OPS+ and 127 RC
12. Brandon Webb, P, Arizona Diamondbacks: top pitcher in the NL
13. Grady Sizemore, CF, Cleveland Indians: similar to Jeter though better baserunner and not as awful a defender
14. Bronson Arroyo, P, Cincinnati Reds
15. Roy Halladay, P, Toronto Blue Jays: the two pitchers beat out Thome for the last ballot spot

16. Jim Thome, DH, Chicago White Sox
17. Carlos Guillen, SS, Detroit Tigers
18. Roy Oswalt, P, Houston Astros
19. Garrett Atkins, 3B, Colorado Rockies
20. Jose Reyes, SS, New York Mets
   4. EricC Posted: July 26, 2017 at 05:51 PM (#5500318)
1. Albert Pujols. Top player.
2. Carlos Beltran. Could have been MMP in a different year.
3. Joe Mauer. Top C.
4. Johan Santana. Top P.
5. Miguel Cabrera. Moving to the IF this year and keeps improving.
6 Chase Utley. Top 2B.
7. Brandon Webb. Top NL pitcher.
8. Bronson Arroyo. Very close to Webb; ERA+ breaks in Webb's favor.
9. Lance Berkman. Strong year for NL 1B.
10. David Ortiz. Top DH.
11. Derek Jeter. Top SS.
12. Roy Oswalt. Didn't expect so many pitchers to make the ballot.
13. Ryan Howard.
14. Roy Halladay.
15. Jorge Posada. Good offense, defense, and durability for a C.
   5. bjhanke Posted: July 27, 2017 at 02:07 PM (#5500834)
Here’s Brock Hanke’s ballot for 2006. It has what have become the usual shenanigans. WAR overrates pitchers, so there are large disconnects between WAR and Win Shares when it comes to the mound and I had to force a pitcher (Bronson Arroyo) into the 15th slot to have one from each league on the ballot. WAR also has occasional very large disconnects where it thinks that Win Shares has badly overrated a position player. Ryan Howard is 3rd in Win Shares, 28th in WAR; Derek Jeter ranks 6th in WS, 25th in WAR. Win Shares ranks Jeter as a D+ defensive shortstop through 2000, so if the difference is all defense, WAR must think that Jeter could not have even played 1B in the majors; if not, they don’t think he’s that much of a hitter. In any case, the general opinion of Howard and Jeter is much closer to Win Shares’ ranking, for what that’s worth. But, really, what else is new? Here’s the list:

1. Albert Pujols
2. Carlos Beltran
3. Chase Utley
4. Alfonso Soriano
5. Lance Berkman
6. Grady Sizemore
7. Joe Mauer
8. Michael Cabrera
9. Vernon Wells
10. Carlos Guillen
11. Derek Jeter
12. Ryan Howard
13. Johan Santana
14. David Ortiz
15. Bronson Arroyo
   6. DL from MN Posted: July 28, 2017 at 10:37 AM (#5501442)
Going to assume you mean Miguel Cabrera
   7. caiman Posted: July 29, 2017 at 10:23 AM (#5502150)
Here is my RPA ratings, with the number of runs above the median, produced by that player:

1. Carlos Beltran 51.70 runs
2. David Ortiz 46.27 runs
3. Travis Hafner 45.68 runs
4. Ryan Howard 43.98 runs
5. Albert Pujols 43.32 runs
6. Grady Sizemore 40.02 runs
7. Jim Thome 39.97 runs
8. Manny Ramirez 38.53 runs
9. Nick Johnson 36.88 runs
10. Brandon Webb 36.71 runs
11. Lance Berkman 36.49 runs
12. Miguel Cabrera 35.90 runs
13. Barry Bonds 34.28 runs
14. Alfonso Soriano 33.88 runs
15. Jason Giambi 33.69 runs
16. Chipper Jones 30.23 runs
17. Chien-Ming Wang 29.94 runs
18. Derek Jeter 29.69 runs
   8. bjhanke Posted: July 31, 2017 at 12:43 AM (#5502973)
DL - Yes. Miguel Cabrera. I make a one-character typo and got autocorrected to the closest English name. I know I should have proofread my comment after I wrote it. Sorry. - Brock
   9. MrC. Posted: July 31, 2017 at 01:37 PM (#5503427)
2006 ballot

1. Carlos Beltran 7.71 WARR adj -
2. Albert Pujols 7.50 WARR Adj+
3. Johan Santana 6.83 WARR
4. Miguel Cabrera 6.77 WARR
5. Lance Berkman 6.51 WARR
6. Ryan Howard 6.37 WARR
7. Derek Jeter 6.14 WARR
8. Jered Weaver 4.39 WARR + minor league adj I used davenport translations to estimate adj at approx. 1.7 WARR (total WARR 6.09)
9. Brandon Webb 5.91 WARR
10. Bronson Arroyo 5.81 WARR
11. John Smoltz 5.62 WARR
12. Joe Mauer 5.57 WARR adj -
13. Carlos Guillen 5.16 WARR
14. Travis Hafner 5.14 WARR
15. Chase Utley 5.07 WARR

Rest of the top 20
16. Chien-Ming Wang 5.08 WARR
17. Grady Sizemore
18. Roy Oswalt
19. Garrett Atkins
20 David Ortiz
   10. Michael J. Binkley's anxiety closet Posted: August 01, 2017 at 10:19 AM (#5504146)
2006 MMP Ballot:

I average bWAR, fWAR, and gWAR. I adjust for BP catcher framing runs, league SD and positional median relative to average to get a final WAR number, which I call mWAR (for Michael WAR, Mengel (my real last name) WAR, my WAR, mean WAR, median-adjusted WAR, or any combination of the preceding).

I then run the mWAR number through a DanR-style rate-based salary estimator. The number after each player is there estimated salary for the year divided by $1M.

1. Albert Pujols (21.36)
2. Carlos Beltran (17.35)
3. Joe Mauer (17.27) - AL MMP
4. Johan Santana (13.88) - MMPitcher
5. Travis Hafner (13.77)
6. Grady Sizemore (12.46)
7. Chase Utley (12.24)
8. Lance Berkman (11.99)
9. Carlos Guillermo (11.86)
10. Brandon Webb (11.80) - NL MMPitcher
11. Alfonso Soriano (11.52)
12. David Ortiz (11.32)
13. Derek Jeter (10.95)
14. Ryan Howard (10.91)
15. Scott Rolen (10.80)

16-25. Roy Oswald, Miguel Cabrera, Bronson Arroyo, Jonathan Papelbon, Jose Reyes, Ichiro Suzuki, Vernon Wells, Jason Bay, John Smoltz, Roy Halladay.
   11. Tubbs is Bobby Grich when he flys off the handle Posted: August 01, 2017 at 11:03 AM (#5504198)
Final ballot-no postseason credit but some small credit for playing for a Division-contender

1. Pujols--for me he is a clear #1, odd to see Cards win WS in an 83-win off yr
2. Beltran--after an off-year in 05, starts living up to FA contract he signed
3. Utley--one heck of a career peak
4. Sizemore--great player who fell apart quickly
5. Howard--won actual MVP, helped by 58 HR to win award but also played factor in my ballot
6. Ortiz--also a ton of HRs
7. Mauer
8. Jeter--along with Ortiz never won MVP but came close this year, glove as always hurts in ranking & slots him behind Mauer
9. Santana--top pitcher, heck of peak--too bad injuries crushed HOF chances
10.Hafner--gawdy numbers in limited action, likely top 5 with more games played
11.Berkman--Fat Elvis has made the ballot! Base running, lower runs scored, & poor play in RF hurt standing
13.Webb--tough year for pitchers
14.A Jones--last appearance for the slick gloved CFer
15.Morneau--actual MVP in controversial vote just beats out ChiSox sluggers Dye & Thome

Honorable mention
Dye & Thome
Soriano--ton of HR from leadoff
Nick Johnson

Frank Thomas--great to see comeback strong and prove he still had pop in his bat & lead A's
   12. ThickieDon Posted: August 01, 2017 at 01:45 PM (#5504415)
With post-season bonus, Beltran is #1.

Even with his final at-bat.

1. Carlos Beltran
2. Albert Pujols
3. Grady Sizemore
4. Chase Utley
5. Ryan Howard
6. Travis Hafner
7. Lance Berkman
8. Johan Santana
9. Miguel Cabrera
10. Carlos Guillen
11. Derek Jeter
12. Joe Mauer
13. David Ortiz
14. Vernon Wells
15. Brandon Webb
   13. bjhanke Posted: August 02, 2017 at 04:03 AM (#5504927)
I don't see any great post-season advantage for Beltran, and am puzzled as to why it would make enough difference to outpace Albert's better regular season. Carlos hit .222 and .296 in his postseason series', although he did hit 3 homers against the Cards. Albert hit .333, .318., and .200, because he played one more series. He was better than Beltran in the two levels that they both played. He hit .200 in the WS because the Tigers walked him 5 times; his OBP was .429. You can, I guess, make a case that Carlos' homers beat Albert's batting averages, but not by enough to overturn the regular season advantage. Docking Albert because his team played better than Carlos', and so got into one more series, seems a little extreme to me. - Brock
   14. DL from MN Posted: August 02, 2017 at 12:25 PM (#5505160)
9. Carlos Guillermo (11.86)

Counting this as Carlos Guillen
   15. DL from MN Posted: August 02, 2017 at 12:28 PM (#5505166)
14.A Jones--last appearance for the slick gloved CFer

Calling this Andruw Jones, not rookie Adam Jones
   16. ThickieDon Posted: August 02, 2017 at 01:33 PM (#5505219)
Docking Albert because his team played better than Carlos', and so got into one more series, seems a little extreme to me.

I went by overall playoff numbers - Beltran had higher OPS in 45 PA to Pujols's 66 PA, and also played his typically good CF.

I can see how that benefits Beltran since he played one less series, but I believe his performance in the NLCS makes up for it. I know Pujols was pitched around in both the NLCS and WS (and the regular season for that matter), and I'm not docking him for that.
   17. Michael J. Binkley's anxiety closet Posted: August 02, 2017 at 02:37 PM (#5505306)
Counting this as Carlos Guillen

Yup, that's what it was supposed to be. Damn autocorrect.
   18. DL from MN Posted: August 02, 2017 at 05:00 PM (#5505472)
Voting is closed

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