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Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Ken Kendrick: MLB needs revenue sharing, salary cap

Diamondbacks managing general partner Ken Kendrick appeared on Doug & Wolf on Arizona Sports, using the opportunity to continue to back the idea of revenue sharing and a salary cap. Kendrick claimed that, if MLB had such a system, the owners and players would act “as partners” instead of the two sides being put in an “adversarial position.”

Kendrick says this as if unaware that he has the power to determine how well his lower-paid players are paid. The league, acting on behalf of the owners, successfully lobbied Congress to amend language in the Fair Labor Standards Act, declaring minor leaguers “seasonal workers,” thus depriving them of the right to a minimum wage and overtime pay, among other protections. Most minor leaguers make under $10,000 per season, and are not paid for their appearances in spring training and other offseason work with their teams. If Kendrick is actually concerned with paying minor leaguers more, he could simply pay them more. The Blue Jays chose to do this last year.

Kendrick also said that such a system would be more equitable. While higher-paid players would make less money, lower-paid players would make more money. He pitted high-paid players against low-paid players. Referencing that other leagues have revenue sharing and salary caps, Kendrick said, “Are we right and the other leagues wrong? I think not. I believe the other leagues have it right and it avoids these labor conflicts to a great extent.”

Monday, April 06, 2020

D-Backs Minority Owners Suing Managing Partner Ken Kendrick over Buyouts

Three minority owners of the Arizona Diamondbacks—Alfredo Molina, Jim Weber and limited liability company Carlise Investments—are suing managing general partner Ken Kendrick, per Zach Buchanan of The Athletic.

According to that report, they are claiming Kendrick and the Diamondbacks ownership group “acted unlawfully when it told them either to increase their investment in the team to at least a one-percent stake of ownership or sell each of their ‘ownership units’ back to the team at a price of $60 per unit.”

The attorney for the minority owners, Roger Cohen, said his clients weren’t legally required to increase their investment and believed Kendrick’s leveraging “had to do with consolidating and increasing the ownership stake of the remaining owners.”

“Why they would want to do that, why they would treat our clients that way, to be honest, I can’t imagine,” he added. “It doesn’t make any sense. There is no logic to it.”

Any thoughts on the merits of the actions of either the Diamondbacks or the minority owners?


QLE Posted: April 06, 2020 at 12:43 AM | 3 comment(s)
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