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Kyle Boddy Newsbeat

Sunday, July 12, 2020

A Conversation with Cincinnati Reds Pitching Coordinator Kyle Boddy

Laurila: What was your role in the amateur draft?

Boddy: “I was more involved in the non-drafted process. By the nature of only having five rounds, there was only so much work to do. But I helped with mechanical breakdowns and video work, as well as character references.

“On the non-drafted side, I was extremely involved in recruiting. There were a lot of Zoom calls. A lot of these kids have 10-plus options — teams are trying to sign everyone — so I was explaining to them why the Reds are a good fit. We prepared a 25-page recruiting pamphlet, with a ton of GIFs. It was what we do and how we do it, who works here. I prepared all that documentation. We probably talked to 25 or so kids, answering questions and providing recommendations.”....

Laurila: Which is easier to improve on, the spin on a breaking ball or the spin on a fastball?

Boddy: “The breaking stuff is almost always easier to fix. Going after guys with good fastballs is pretty important, and that can mean anything. It can be a guy who throws 100 mph, like our fifth rounder [Joe Boyle], or it can be a guy that has really good command of an average-velocity fastball that has really good spin. A good example of that is Leo Nierenberg, one of our non-drafted players out of the University of Washington. He’s a shorter guy, but he’s good carry on his fastball. He’s got a good approach angle, and he does some stuff with the ball that we think is really exciting.”

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