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Friday, May 22, 2020

Primer Dugout (and link of the day) 5-22-2020

[Indianapolis] Indiana Daily Times, May 22, 1920:

Announcement that the New York Yankees will be permitted to continue playing at the Polo grounds next season and probably for some seasons to come, was received with satisfaction by New York today.

In a recent statement issued by the owners of the New York Giants, it was said that the Yankees would have to seek a new playing field after this season.

[National Commission Chairman] Garry Herrmann, [American League President] Ban Johnson and others then conferred and evidently were able to reach a satisfactory agreement with the Giants which will permit the Yankees to remain.

...until the next time the Giants try to boot them, which if the pattern holds, should be right around mid-July.

Jefferson Manship (Dan Lee) Posted: May 22, 2020 at 10:26 AM | 31 comment(s) Login to Bookmark
  Tags: dugout, history

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   1. Jefferson Manship (Dan Lee) Posted: May 22, 2020 at 10:27 AM (#5952874)
Today's Birthday Team features an all-time great in center field and a former Hall of Fame candidate atop the rotation, and then it drops off in a hurry. A couple of the other guys (Morgan 1930, Mesa 1995) had some terrific seasons, but you're not going to build a Birthday League contender around Jim Colborn, Ed Morgan, and Corey Dickerson.

C: Al Shaw (0.6 WAR)
1B: Ed Morgan (14.2 WAR)
2B: Eric Sogard (7.0 WAR)
3B: Chad Tracy (5.4 WAR)
SS: Jose Valdivielso (-3.3 WAR)
LF: Corey Dickerson (13.0 WAR)
CF: Al Simmons (68.0 WAR)
RF: Collin Cowgill (2.9 WAR)

SP: Tommy John (61.6 WAR)
SP: Jim Colborn (15.9 WAR)
SP: Jose Mesa (11.4 WAR)
SP: Bill Lohrman (5.0 WAR)
SP: Julian Tavarez (4.6 WAR)
RP: Al Levine (5.9 WAR)

Manager: Bob Schaefer
Umpires: Lou Jorda, Rich Garcia, Sean Barber
Hitting coach, most career AB by a modern position player without an extra-base hit: Walt Hriniak
Sports psychologist: Coleman Griffith
Amateur pitcher, in the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame: Michimaro Ono
Designated Dutchman: Rick van den Hurk (-1.4 WAR)
Fun names: Otey Clark, Hooks Cotter
Star Negro Leagues pitcher: Terris McDuffie
   2. salvomania Posted: May 22, 2020 at 10:56 AM (#5952887)
SP: Jim Colborn (15.9 WAR)

Jim Colborn was one of the more random guys amid the plethora of 1973 AL 20-game winners.

In '73 the American League had TWELVE 20-game winners, including the Brewers' Colborn and the Royals' Paul Splittorff, while the NL had just one---the legendary Ron Bryant. (I still remember Bryant appearing on the cover of one of The Sporting News' annuals as their NL Pitcher of the Year; the BBWAA got it right, giving the NL Cy Young Award to 19-game winner Tom Seaver (10.6 bWAR) over 24-game winner Bryant (3.4 bWAR). Bryant went 3-15 the following season.)

The other AL 20-game winners besides the above-mentioned two were all very good pitchers for multiple seasons, each winning 20 at least one other time, except Kenny Holtzman, who was in his second year with the A's and in the middle of a run of seasons with 19, 21, 19 and 18 wins.

Without looking it up, anyone remember who the A's sent to the Cubs to acquire Holtzman?
   3. Nasty Nate Posted: May 22, 2020 at 10:56 AM (#5952888)
Cool interview with Reggie Jefferson at Fangraphs. One nugget is that he batted against Randy Johnson from both sides of the plate (because he stopped being a switch-hitter), and he wonders if he's the only one to do that. I know Larry Walker batted righty as a joke in an All Star game.
   4. Itchy Row Posted: May 22, 2020 at 11:08 AM (#5952895)
most career AB by a modern position player without an extra-base hit: Walt Hriniak
Ossie Blanco has 3 AB on him. Hriniak does have the most hits, though.
   5. salvomania Posted: May 22, 2020 at 11:15 AM (#5952897)
The other AL 20-game winners besides the above-mentioned two were all very good pitchers for multiple seasons

Looking it up now, Splittorff---while definitely more of an innings muncher---was better for longer than I had remembered, while Bill Singer---who I knew had 20-win seasons for both the Dodgers and the Angels, had only another 7 career bWAR outside those two seasons.
   6. Tom Nawrocki Posted: May 22, 2020 at 11:37 AM (#5952907)
Without looking it up, anyone remember who the A's sent to the Cubs to acquire Holtzman?

Rick Monday.
   7. Tom Nawrocki Posted: May 22, 2020 at 12:13 PM (#5952922)
I hated the Corey Dickerson trade, when the Rockies sent him to Tampa Bay for Jake McGee, and McGee has done nothing since then to make me change my mind. BUT the Rox also got a 20-year-old A-ball pitcher named German Marquez as a throw-in, and he looks like he will be the most valuable player in the deal.
   8. The Mighty Quintana Posted: May 22, 2020 at 12:24 PM (#5952924)
The May 20 team is darn good.

C: Ramon Hernandez (22 WAR)
1B: Joe Harris (26 WAR)
2B: George Grantham (33 WAR)
3B: Ken Boyer (63 WAR)
SS: Wilson Valdez (0 WAR)
LF: Jayson Werth (29 WAR)
CF: Bobby Murcer (32 WAR)
RF: Austin Kearns (13 WAR)

SP: Hal Newhouser (63 WAR)
SP: David Wells (54 WAR)
SP: Todd Stottlemyre (23 WAR)
SP: Pete Appleton (8 WAR)
RP: Tom Morgan (8 WAR)
   9. Jack Sommers Posted: May 22, 2020 at 01:17 PM (#5952945)
Chad Tracy was decent through his first 3 seasons. But knee/back injuries wrecked him after that.

2004-2006 1747 PA, .291/.348/.470, .818 OPS, 106 OPS+. 7.1 WAR, 1.8 WAA

2007-2013 1241 PA, .250/.311/.396, .707 OPS, 83 OPS+, -1.6 WAR, -5.4 WAA

Extreme platoon split though, even during his first 3 seasons.

   10. Misirlou cut his hair and moved to Rome Posted: May 22, 2020 at 01:50 PM (#5952958)
Without looking it up, anyone remember who the A's sent to the Cubs to acquire Holtzman?

Rick Monday.

Yes, and that started a remarkable run of trades for the Cubs. Starting with Holtzman, who the Cubs got in the very first draft (of which Monday was the very first pick), they got 16 war from him. Trade him for Monday and they get 11 WAER from him. They trade Monday for Bill Buckner and Ivan DeJesus. They get 9 WAR from Buckner and 8 from DeJesus. Dejesus is traded for Ryne Sandberg and Larry Bowa. they get 68 WAR from Sandberg and 1.5 from Bowa. They trade Bucker for Dennis Eckersley and get 10.5 WAR from Eckersley.

124 WAR from a 4th round pick and some savvy (and lucky) trades. Of course Sandberg is doing most of the heavy lifting, but those other players were at least very useful.
   11. Itchy Row Posted: May 22, 2020 at 02:09 PM (#5952966)
They also got Mike Brumley in the Buckner-Eckersley trade, and Brumley was part (with Keith Moreland) of the trade that brought Rich Gossage to the Cubs. The Goose wasn't any good with the Cubs, but it adds another big name to the run of trades.
   12. Sweatpants Posted: May 22, 2020 at 02:22 PM (#5952971)
Designated Dutchman: Rick van den Hurk (-1.4 WAR)
I was there for the best game he pitched in the bigs, when he no-hit the Braves for six innings before Yunel Escobar broke it up. By game score, his second-best and third-best games were also against the Braves, including one in which he allowed no hits over five innings.

I remember Kyle Kendrick as being their unexpected bugaboo in that era, but I guess van den Hurk qualifies, too.
   13. Tom Nawrocki Posted: May 22, 2020 at 02:24 PM (#5952972)
Not part of that same sequence, but within that same time frame, they got Bob Dernier and Gary Matthews for two guys who combined for -0.5 WAR over the remainder of their careers.
   14. Misirlou cut his hair and moved to Rome Posted: May 22, 2020 at 02:37 PM (#5952976)
They also got Mike Brumley in the Buckner-Eckersley trade, and Brumley was part (with Keith Moreland) of the trade that brought Rich Gossage to the Cubs. The Goose wasn't any good with the Cubs, but it adds another big name to the run of trades.

yeah, but that's part of a losing sequence. They gave up Mike Krukow for Moreland. Krukow had 11.5 WAR left in his career. Moreland and everyone else in the sequence combined for only 3 for the Cubs.
   15. AndrewJ Posted: May 22, 2020 at 07:58 PM (#5953035)
<>The May 20 team is darn good.</i>

You're not kidding. There's seven World Series rings in the (not terribly deep) pitching staff, and Newhouser also pitched on the 1954 Indians.
   16. Walt Davis Posted: May 22, 2020 at 08:01 PM (#5953036)
My brain had always put Bill North as a piece in the Monday-Holtzman trade but he was shipped to the A's the following offseason for 35-year-old reliever Bob Locker. In fairness, Locker was awesome for the 1973 Cubs (155 ERA+ in 106 IP), was traded back to the A's and looks to have been hurt in 74, and then traded back to the Cubs and 30 lousy innings in 75 at age 37. And of course North was now blocked by Monday.

Looking back, the early 70s Cubs were this close to a successful rebuild on the fly. Jenkins and Holtzman were still good but they got good return in those trades too (Madlock and Monday). They flipped a half-season of Santo for Steve Stone in 74. They had flipped the cooked Bill Hands for Dave LaRoche who was terrible for the Cubs but good everywhere else he went. They probably waited a year or two too long to flip Billy Williams -- trade him after his awesome 1972** instead of North, shift Monday to LF, keep North. A young Andre Thornton smashed in 74 & 75. A very young staff but not shabby -- Hooton, Reuschel, Burris, Bonham, Stone, Gura, Krukow coming. Still gaping holes at C, 2B, SS but at least one of those hopefully filled by the bigger Williams trade (they got Trillo in the eventual trade).

A lack of patience (and a crystal ball) killed them. Thornton and Gura (admittedly unproven) traded away, Madlock for Murcer and Ontiveros ... trading away Monday was fine but the Hooton trade was bad. Part of an era where the Cubs thought trading one good player for 2-3 mediocre ones was a good move.

Which sorta brings us back to the trade of Monday to the Dodgers. It's true they got 9 WAR out of Buckner but over 8 years with -5 WAA. DeJesus was at least 8 WAR in 5 years but still -2 WAA. Still a solid trade since the late 70s Cubs were in need of bodies but also just another example of a franchise spinning its wheels. Then, yes, Green arrived and ripped off his former employers in a few trades and (thankfully) went all-in in 1984.

** Without question, Cub fans would have revolted.
   17. salvomania Posted: May 22, 2020 at 08:58 PM (#5953042)
For a guy who played CF most of his career, Monday sure has bad defensive numbers. Any kind of decent defense and he ends up a career 50+ WAR player, but instead, he has -14.6 dWAR and ends up with only 33.

After his rookie season, in which he was +4 in bb-ref's Fielding Runs, he was negative in 9 of his next 11 seasons as a full-time CF, including some truly atrocious negative-twenty-something-run seasons for the mid-'70s Cubs.

(I'm no connoisseur of fielding stats, I'm just looking at bb-refs numbers, so maybe there's other metrics that give a different perspective.)

EDIT: According to p-i, since the expansion era in 1962, Monday has the fifth- and fifteenth-worst seasons as a CF by Fielding Run totals. His -26.7 and -22.6 totals make him and Nate McClouth (-24.0, -23.0) the only two to have two seasons in the bottom 15 of CFs. (Matt Kemp's -37.0 for the 2010 Diodgers sets the "Lead Standard", 8 runs worse than 2018 Charlie Blackmon.)

According to p-i, Monday and Bernie Williams are the only two expansion-era CFs to have more than 100 negative fielding runs for their careers.
   18. salvomania Posted: May 22, 2020 at 09:18 PM (#5953045)
Wow, McLouth put up his -24.0 in a season (2010) in which he played just 85 games. He also hit just .190/.298/.322 that year, making me wonder if perhaps 20-year-old rookie Jason Heyward shouldn't have been playing center for the Braves that year...
   19. Walt Davis Posted: May 22, 2020 at 10:34 PM (#5953055)
My adolescent impression wasn't that Monday was terrible out there. But the Cubs of that era had a bad habit of trying to build a team suited to the friendly confines of Wrigley. As such, they didn't consider OF defensive range a big deal. Even to young me it was pretty obvious the Cubs OF defense was inadequate for those big astroturf parks they played in on the road (who knew half your games were played outside your own stadium?!) So while I'm far from certain Monday was one of the worst defensive CFs of all-time, I suspect he was distinctly not good because the Cubs preferred bats over gloves in the OF. (Not that they found many good bats.)

That continued on for a while with Jerry Morales, Jerry Martin and apparently even Greg Gross getting most of the CF time over the next few years. Per bWAR, the 1977 Cubs OF of Bobby Murcer and everybody else's spart parts was replacement-level at all 3 spots. The 78 team improved to be replacement level at just one spot but used 8 different guys in CF with essentially not a single one of them being known as a CF (by that point at least). Not to be outdone, the 1980 team was a whopping -8.2 bWAA in the OF. CF (-3.4 WAA overall) was a mix of Jerry Martin and two guys I don't remember at all -- Jesus Figueroa and Carlos Lezcano (Sixto's cousin). Meanwhile Bill North was nearly to the end of his career but still above-average. In 1981, they outdid themselves with -2.7 bWAA in CF in a mere 103 games -- Jerry Morales and poor old Bobby Bonds in his last gasp mostly responsible for that. We finally crested average in 1982 but with Leon Durham as our main CF, I'm guessing that was not because of our sterling defense out there.

So for 5 seasons 1977-81, the Cubs got -11.4 WAA or replacement level play in CF ... for 5 years.
   20. salvomania Posted: May 22, 2020 at 11:22 PM (#5953061)
That continued on for a while with Jerry Morales,

Morales's 1977 as Cub CF was the 16th worst by a post-expansion CF, with -22.0 Fielding Runs.

Monday's two terrible seasons were with the '74-'75 Cubs, but his lone positive Cub season (+1) came in 1976.

That makes me take those numbers with a large grain of salt. In all three years ('74-'76) Monday was flanked by Jose Cardenal in LF and Jerry Morales in RF, both of whom had generally bad numbers---Morales with another -22, in RF in 1974. Oddly, Morales, like Monday, ticks up to a +1 in '76. Makes me wonder what happened in 1976 to make both Monday and Morales---who'd been terrible---have decent numbers for one year before again descending thereafter back into negative fielding runs. Again, large grain of salt.
   21. Walt Davis Posted: May 22, 2020 at 11:37 PM (#5953063)
Been a while since I looked at the b-r sim league.

Things have tightened up a good bit in the ALE. The Yanks are still on top at 32-19 but just 3 games up on the Rays. The Red Sox and Jays are just mucking about while the O's have finally fallen apart to 18-33.

After an early season spurt, the White Sox have tailed off in the ALC. Cleveland now leads at 33-19, 4 ahead of the Twins and the Sox now down to 26-25. The Tigers are just a half-game better than the O's.

The ALW is a dogfight with the Ms (??) and A's tied at 30-22, a half-game up on the Astros and 3 on the Angels. The Rangers are worst in MLB at 14-37.

Atlanta retains a solid lead in the NLE at 34-18, 5.5 ahead of the Nats and 6.5 ahead of the Mets. The Marlins are a half-game better than Detroit.

The Cards top the NLC at 30-20, 3 ahead of the surprising Pirates and 4 ahead of the fading Reds.

The Dodgers hold the best record in MLB at 35-14 (714!), up 7 on the Rox with the Pads trying to keep down there with the Marlins.

Tanking continues unabated with 9 teams playing 400 or worse. The Cubs at 20-32 weren't exactly trying to tank but their refusal to find a CF, 2B or reliever sure didn't add any wins (although the AI Ross should be playing Bote more). Bryant is back to being Bryant but Javy is bad Javy (239/288/443) and Schwarber is a win below replacement (sub-600 OPS).

But the rest of you don't care about that. Mets fans are happy that Alonso leads the majors with 20 HRs and Nats fans are happy Soto leads in OPS at 1189 (he's hitting 379!). In other personal highhlights:

Gleyber has a 988 OPS but that's just 2nd to Mike Tauchman's 335/411/627 line -- a shame he was left off the 2020 virtual all-star ballot. Gerrit Cole has a 106/11 K/BB, K'ing over 30% of his batters but still just a solid, not amazing, 3.08 ERA. Devers and X are having good seasons while Eovaldi has an ERA over 8 after 53 IP. Vlad (983 OPS) is leading a strong young offense in Toronto (Bichette 883, Gurriel 895).

Lindor leads the league with 3.7 WAR and Jose Ramirez has bounced back. Kepler and Garver are for real while the two old men are doing fine. In Chicago, Grandal, Jimenez, Moncada, Robert and Mazara are all hitting and Lucas Giolito has a sub-2 ERA but the rest of the offense has fallen apart. In KC, Mondesi is hitting and has 2 WAR. In Detroit, Cameron Maybin is still hitting but alas Miggy looks done (260/321/382 with 1 HR).

The mystery of the M's isn't really clarified looking at their stats. Shed Long is having a nice year, Kikuchi an excellent one but nothing else stands out here. Nothing too exciting in Oakland. The Astros are still hitting, Verlander is still good but Greinke has become a bit HR-happy. In LA, Trout has a 1089 OPS (3.2 WAR), Ohtani is at 813 and 2.71 ERA (1.9 WAR overall) and Pujols stinks (234/333/297 with 1 HR). I don't know if the real Rangers are this bad but the virtual ones deserve that record ... but Elvis is hitting 302 and the march to 3,000 picks up pace.

Acuna has slumped off to a 805 OPS but Albies is hitting 366 with power (2.8 WAR). Outside of Soto, Scherzer is showing Cole how it's done with a 113/7 K/BB and 2.24 ERA ... might as well give him the CYA now. BBTF Mets fans will be happy to know that virtual Cano has been benched and the staff (even Diaz) is mostly doing excellently ... but Betances has an ERA over 9. Bryce Harper is in the running for the worst-ever contract with a line of 198/324/333.

Being the Cards, nothing actually exciting is going on (Tommy Edman having a nice season). Same with Pitt (Adam Frazier having a nice season). Castellanso is having a big year (923 OPS) as is Trevor Bauer (1.6 WAR) but Votto looks cooked (245/374/309). Outside of Yelich (2.2 WAR) the Brewers offense is spinning its wheels but Freddy Peralta (who had a no-hitter earlier this year) is doing nicely.

Bellinger has a 1040 OPS and 2.9 WAR, Mookie a solid 854 and 1.3, Buehler has a sub-2 ERA and Kershaw is at 2.54. Arenado (2.6 WAR) and Story (2.3 WAR) lead the Rox. Ketel Marte is repeating and Bumgarner seems to have plenty left (1.6 WAR, 3.39 ERA) but Starling Marte is a disaster. Buster Posey is hitting (857 OPS) and Gausman pitched so well he's already been flipped to the Nats (I have no idea what they got back). Tatis (1.4 WAR) and Machado (1.3) are both doing fine.
   22. Walt Davis Posted: May 23, 2020 at 12:41 AM (#5953067)
Any single-season defensive number should be taken with a grain of salt (we're probably not talking more than 400 opportunities for a CF) and any big number should probably be taken with a grain of salt but, in a run of -10 (in 121 starts), -17, -27, -23, +1, -11 (in 110 starts), -6 (in 73 starts) and then pretty much never regularly playing CF again, it's a pretty safe bet Monday was a bad CF. Sure, probably more -10 to -15 bad but bad. And in that light, -20+ is a bad season and 0 a good season. In Monday's particular case, his SB numbers were also terrible in those years (and the two prior) although he seems a solid baserunner overall.

I don't trust my 40+ year memories of what announcers openly said at the time so obviously you shouldn't either but I recall open discussion that everybody knew Morales really wasn't strong defensively but he was OK for Wrigley and caught the balls he got to. He was an atrocious and infrequent base-stealer, apparently not much of a baserunner overall either. Plus the fact that the previous year when they had the choice, the Cubs went with Monday in CF and Morales in RF. :-) I think the evidence points pretty clearly towards he was quite bad out there.

It's also possible that this was the dawn of an era of excellent CF defense. It's not as many as I would have guessed but from 77-80, 22 qualified CFs (80%) had seasons of 30+ SB and another 13 had 20+ SB ... that's out of 65 qualified seasons over those 4 years. In fact, over this period, Morales' 1977 was the only qualified CF season with 0 steals. Martin's 2 in 1979 is tied for 3rd lowest and his 8 in 1980 wasn't impressive either. Granted, Chet Lemon didn't steal bases either and he was certainly average-good in CF. Still, Maddox and Dawson in their primes and guys like Moreno and Dave Collins whose pretty much only jobs were to run real fast on the bases and in the field. So it's possible that average CF defense was at a relative high compared with the 60s and early 70s.

Anyway, somebody has to be worst. And the understandable doubt we have about Monday's terrible numbers also apply to old Griffey or old Bernie or Derek Jeter or Adam Dunn or anybody else with seemingly crazy numbers so if we scale back Monday we have to scale back those guys too and he still ends up with some historically awful seasons. It's probably more the question of whether it's realistically possible to both be that bad (that's a lot of unplayed fly balls that should have been outs) and for teams to keep sticking you out there even though you're that bad.
   23. salvomania Posted: May 23, 2020 at 10:22 AM (#5953094)
No matter how bad he may have been in CF, I still remember what a huge, national story it was when Monday saved the American flag from a father-son protest duo who were attempting to light it on fire in the outfield after jumping onto the field during a game in, as I recall, Dodger Stadium (though I think it was while Monday was still a Cub). I remember the back page of the Chicago Sun-Times with the photo of Monday streaking past as he grabbed the flag, surprising the father and son who were kneeling down with a lighter, and a headline that read "Rick Monday, You Made a Great Play."

At least that's how I remember it.

EDIT: OK, I looked it up, and it was in Dodger Stadium, and it was the Dodger Stadium scoreboard that had the "Great Play" headline, but maybe a photo of that was reproduced in the newspaper, which is where I had seen it.
   24. puck Posted: May 23, 2020 at 01:56 PM (#5953130)
The flag save must be the on field play Rick Monday is known best for.

Certain fan bases will remember his 9th inning HR in game 5 of the 1981 NLCS HR.
   25. puck Posted: May 23, 2020 at 02:55 PM (#5953137)
I hated the Corey Dickerson trade, when the Rockies sent him to Tampa Bay

It seems Rockies produce OF "hits" at very high rates. Some decent guys (esp. as hitters) from guys who were not heralded prospects, like Dickerson, Seth Smith, Brad Hawpe, maybe now 2020 BTF star Mike Tauschman? And Charlie Blackmon.

Not an OF but last year's Albuquerque 1B, Roberto Ramos, went to the LG w/the KBO and is 4th in OPS.

   26. puck Posted: May 23, 2020 at 02:56 PM (#5953138)
Speaking of the 2020 BTF, the Rockies are somehow 28-22 after a very hot start (I think they were 18-11 at one point). The playing allotment isn't very realistic but it's still surprising. Injuries are not simulated so David Dahl has started 48 of 50 games. For some reason Garrett Hampson has 43 starts and Ryan McMahon only 6.

The Robo-manager is very unlike Bud Black in that Ian Desmond only has 32 PA's in the 50 games. Though in Desmond's place appears to be Yonathan Daza with 49 starts so it all works out for the simulation. What isn't being modeled correctly is how many PA's the Rockies bench players end up getting only to produce replacement level stats.

I'm watching a Bundesliga game but looking up stats for a simulated season. The body knows what season it's supposed to be.
   27. salvomania Posted: May 23, 2020 at 05:10 PM (#5953146)
In the Cardinals' sim, for some reason they signed Garrett Richards (last decent full season--2015) to a two-year $22M contract and have him in the rotation (4.73 ERA, 1.35 WHIP) while Korean starter Gwang-hyun Kim was moved to the bullpen after four starts even though he's allowed only 22 hits in 42 ip and has 54 K's and a 1.50 ERA.
   28. The Yankee Clapper Posted: May 23, 2020 at 05:43 PM (#5953148)
Been a while since I looked at the b-r sim league. . . .
Which GM is going to be proactively analytical enough to fire the manager for poor simulated performance? It might be too late if you wait for the real games!
   29. Walt Davis Posted: May 23, 2020 at 05:45 PM (#5953149)
For sure the Monday flag play is the most famous moment of his career and may have played a part in why the Dodgers wanted him. Not captured on live TV because directors/cameramen were under strict orders not to show protests. I also remember his post-season HR. I also remember one other cool catch he made where he dove for a ball, it hit off the heel of his glove, rolled down his arm and, as he slid on his stomach, across his back where he (maybe) caught it in his other hand as it rolled off the other side.

I kinda remember that whole 81 Dodgers-Expos tilt. G1 went to the Dodgers with former Cub Burt Hooton getting the win. G2 went to the Expos with former Cub Ray Burris getting the win. The Expos won G3 on a tie-breaking 3-run HR by former Cub Jerry White. Former Cub Burt Hooton won again in G4 and was named series MVP. And yes G5 was won on former Cub Rick Monday's HR in the top of the 9th. At the time, that was as close as a Cub fan could get to winning in the postseason.
   30. VCar Posted: May 24, 2020 at 12:15 PM (#5953230)

Pensacola Blue Wahoos list stadium for Airbnb rentals
   31. The Mighty Quintana Posted: May 26, 2020 at 03:05 PM (#5953610)
Sadly (since it's my birthday), today's team isn't too strong, aside from two of the most underrated players ever: Darrell Evans & Ben Zobrist. But May 25 has a nice infield and a cromulent rotation:

C - Glenn Borgmann (6 WAR)
1B - Joe Judge (47 WAR)
2B - Todd Walker (11 WAR)
SS - Miguel Tejada (47 WAR)
3B - Dave Hollins (18 WAR)
LF - Scott Hairston (7 WAR)
CF - Lip Pike (14 WAR)
RF - Jason Kubel (4 WAR)

SP - Bob Knepper (22 WAR)
SP - John Montefusco (20 WAR)
SP - Chris Young (18 WAR)
SP - Bob Wicker (10 WAR)
RP - Don Liddle (5 WAR)

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Newsblog8th? BBTF Central Park Softball Game: October 3
(54 - 4:00pm, Jul 06)
Last: Hysterical & Useless

NewsblogDodgers pitcher David Price opts out of 2020 MLB season
(14 - 2:19pm, Jul 06)
Last: Joe Bivens, Elderly Northeastern Jew


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