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Baseball HQ - Good fantasy baseball site. You will have to toss some money into the till to access the entire site. One page which I especially like is a glossary of sabermetric terms called Forecaster ENCYCLOPEDIA.
Baseball Prospectus - Web site for the Baseball Prospectus, a baseball analysis annual published by some of the Internet's best baseball minds.
Big Bad Baseball Annual - After not buying BBBA for a few years, I decided to trade some of my hard earned cash for the 1998 edition. Wow, what a book! I won't skip next year's edition. The best baseball analysis annual. The depth of writing has greatly improved from the previous edition that I read. The 1994 Baseball Insight was, indeed, a continuation of Bill James' work, however, I didn't learn anything new by reading it. I don't feel the same way after reading the 1998 book. The 1998 BBBA provides innovative answers to intriguing baseball questions. BUY IT!
John Benson on Baseball - The leading authority on fantasy baseball.
Diamond Mind Baseball - Some research from one of the best computer baseball game designers.
Dr. Baseball - Just about everybody has a job they go to every day. Not very many work in the front office of a big league ball club. Even fewer get hired based on sabermetrics. Eddie Epstein is one of those people. As far as I know, Mr. Epstein is the most influencial sabermetrician employed by Major League Baseball.His title reads, "Padres' Director of Baseball Operations". What does the job entail? Well quoting from his page, "I am involved in all aspects of major league operations, including trades and contract negotiations, as well as being the de facto head of professional scouting." Well, this, at least partly, explains why the Padres are at the top of the standings. Hint to other Major League front office types.....I have a few free hours free everyday. I, also, wouldn't need any credit for your team's rise in the standings. A nice steady paycheck from a major league club would be recognition enough. :)
Stathead Consulting - A company which "provides performance analysis and forecasting services to baseball enthusiasts and the professional baseball industry." The Baseball Engineering Home Page can also be found here. Netizens Keith Woolner, Nate Calvin, Tom Fontaine have been sharing their baseball knowledge for years. They are now trying to get paid for it. Baseball executives and player agents should get out their check books because this team really knows what they're talking about. Good luck guys, but please do me a favor and never work for the Yankees.
STATS, Inc. - The country's leading sports statistics company. Their many books are must reading for baseball researchers.
Total Baseball - MLB's official record keeper. An excellent site! Look up player stats and read the many articles about baseball statistics, history and trivia. Read the Sabermetrics: Introduction page to learn their methodology.

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Baseball First... Everything Else Second - Josh Boyd. Subtitled "OFFICIAL Baseball Prospects Headquarters. Another good place to read up prospects in the minor leagues.


Red Sox Fans e-Zine - Managed by Tony Olsen(UK) and Sean McGerty(Australia). Tony and Sean are big time Red Sox fans who have put together a valuable resource for Bosox fans. Their page includes contributions from some of the most knowledgeable Sox fans from the Bosox Mailing List. If you're a Red Sox fan, add this page to your list of must visit sites.
David's Unofficial Oriole Page - David and Jeremy Nieporent Productions. David Nieporent is one of the most prolific posters to the* newsgroups. He knows his baseball. If you are an Oriole fan, check it out; you'll learn something.
David Grabiner's Baseball Page - Sometimes my brain doesn't work as well as it should. I've been reading David's posts on for a few years. As a matter of fact, if I come across a thread which contains one of his posts, I start at his post, knowing I'll find something interesting to read. I thought this link was already available on my site. It wasn't. Now that I've corrected this, I suggest you hop over to his page and enjoy.
EEEEEE! - A Newsletter by and for Annoyed San Francisco Giants Fans - Masterminded by Gregg Pearlman. If you are a Giants fan, you better check out this page right away. Gregg's done a great job assembling a great site dedicated to his Giants. If every team had such a knowledgeable dedicated fan, we'd all benefit.
High Boskage House - Eric Walker
Jefferson Glapski's Sabermetric Page - Jefferson Glapski
Dan Szymborski's Positional Reports - One of the most prolific posters to the* newsgroups weighs in with his opinions of today's players. He's been doing this for about five years now and his reports have been known to create emotional debate. He encourages feedback (even from the Carterites -- a little known baseball sect known to place an unrealistic value on the contributions of Joe Carter). As a matter of fact, here is his 1997 AL 1B Report. More to come........
Original Baseball Research - Clifford Blau
Original Toronto Blue Jays Articles - Stephen Tomlinson. Interesting looks at sabermetrics and the Toronto Blue Jays in particular.
Iowa Farm Report - Sean Forman. Because of a problem with my ISP's DNS server, I couldn't access this site for about six months. Recently, they corrected the problem. I was happy to see that Sean has taken the site to a new level. I find his prospect assessments both informative and accurate.
John Sickels' Baseball Page - He's the author of the 1998 STATS Minor League Scouting Notebook, which contains prospect reports on 650 minor league baseball players. He, also, writes weekly columns about minor league baseball for ESPN's website. They are posted every Thursday, and you can find them by clicking here: Down on the Farm. Also you can find an archive of his monthly chat sessions.
Markov Models/Batting Order Optimization - Mark Pankin. Mathematical models based on the probably of moving among the base runners and numbers of outs situations. These models can be applied to strategy analysis, but he has concentrated on using them to a) estimate how many runs a given batting order will average, and b) determine the best batting order for a given nine players.
Mike Emeigh's Baseball Page - Mike Emeigh. Mike is a fellow SABRite who has done some excellent baseball research. You'll find his research and some great Pirate and Oriole links on his page. In particular, I found his Situational Offense article and data very interesting.
On Deck- A Comprehensive Look At The Baseball Stars of Tomorrow - Another very good place to learn about prospects.
Prospects, Projects, and Suspects - Daniel Levine's attempt to make sense of young baseball talent. I've been watching this site for some time now. This season Dan's really outdone himself. His list of prospects is both well researched and comphensive. If he could get a little inside information, this site could really take off. This site is highly recommended.
Sean Lahman's Baseball Archive - If you are looking for baseball statistics, I recommend starting your search here. Sean's site is one of the best, and most useful, baseball sites on the Internet. If I handed out stars while rating sites, this one would get the maximum number.
Sabermetrics - Adam D. Barnhart's introduction to sabermetrics, includes his page called The Wisdom of Bill James. This page includes links to some of Mr. James essays. Just follow the link to begin your journey to enlightenment.
STAR Baseball Simulator - Nigel Kearney. I guess I could have put this link on the Sim page, but I think the value of this simulator lies more in its use in sabermetric studies.
Statistical Studies of Baseball - John F. Jarvis. If you're interested in expanding your knowledge about baseball, John's page is one you shouldn't miss. John supplies information that you won't find any place else. I've spent many enjoyable hours playing with the statistics John's dug up. Now, you may not be as sick as I am, but, if you have a strong case of the baseball bug, spending time reading his page will sooth what ails you.
StenStats - Former big leaguer Mike Stenhouse analyses the Boston Red Sox with his own unique system.

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Society for American Baseball Research - The world's largest sports research organization. The Society fosters research into all aspects of Baseball. I've been a member of this excellent organization for a few years, so I can tell you first hand that if you love baseball you should become a member.
Retrosheet - An all volunteer organization devoted to creating a play-by-play database of every major league game ever played.

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