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Welcome to the Baseball Think Factory.

BasebaLLThink Factory (est. 1996) is dedicated to the thoughtful analysis of baseball, both real and imagined. Assistance for both sabermetricians and game players is provided here. If you can not find what you are looking for, email me and I'll try to provide the information.

If you've written something that others might find interesting, but don't have the web space or the time to code, contact me. I'll gladly provide a home for your work. Comments, submissions and suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

Quote of the Month
September 2000

Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.

Albert Einstein

Most Recent Articles

Preliminary Season Totals Statistical Cross-Checker - Jim Furtado. Who's having the best year? Check out my estimate of how many runs and wins each player has created. Feel free to send me feedback.

Position Player Rankings - Jim Furtado. Over on the Big Bad Baseball Website I put up my personal rankings of the starting position players in each league at the start of the season. I started doing the lists because every day more and more people ask me questions about players. I don't usually have time to answer all the e-mail, which I regret, so I decided to provide a list of players to help anyone interested in my opinion of players. Unfortunately, I haven't updated the lists since the beginning of the season, so you won't find my opinions on a bunch of new players. Don't worry, I'll resume updating the lists when my new webzine hits the Internet in January 2001.

Deciphering the New RC - Jim Furtado with Don Malcolm and G. Jay Walker. From the 1999 Big Bad Baseball Annual. You attended the gala celebration at its release. You watched people fight over it on Jerry Springer. You watched the two-hour Dateline special discussing its impact. You participated in focus groups that discussed its construct. But you're still thinking, "What does Bill James' new Runs Created (RC) formula actually do?" ...... 

Speed Scores and Reaching Base on Errors - Dan Levitt. In a previous essay I examined the effect of team speed on opposition errors. This essay expands the analysis by looking at individual players I examined the effect of speed on reaching base on error by looking at all 219 batters who had at least 300 at bats in 1980 using the 1980 Retrosheet files. As a proxy for player speed I used ...... 

What if Joe Jackson hadn't been banned? - Dan Levitt. Alternative history by its very nature is completely speculative. But since others have estimated Jackson's career batting totals had he not been banned, I thought it might be interesting to take a closer look. ...... 

Speed and Opposition Errors: A Preliminary Analysis - Dan Levitt. My study compares team Speed Scores with opposition errors and opposition unearned runs to check if any correlation exists between team speed and forcing errors. Bill James' Speed Score is used as a proxy for team speed; the calculation of which is outlined below....... 

The Batter/Pitcher Matchup - Dan Levitt. One of the key questions facing baseball modelers revolves around determining of the outcome of the batter/pitcher match-up. When a .310 hitter faces a pitcher with a batting average against (OAV) of .290 what should the resulting batting average be?....

Big Bad Baseball's Sabermetric Gold Glove Winners - Jim Furtado. Over the last year, I've been secreted away in my baseball laboratory working on a number of projects.  One of the projects is my own defensive measure.  Although my method won't end world hungerit won't even end the argument about who the best fielders are, unfortunatelyI do believe that it will add another intelligent tidbit of knowledge to the discussion.  Click the link to see who the best fielders of the 1999 season were.  (Sorry, but you'll have to wait for the book for more details.  :(   )  

Buying Baseball Books: A Guide - Greg Spira. One of the great pleasures I've enjoyed since getting on-line is the pleasure of making new friendships with interesting people thru the Internet. One of the most interesting and knowledgeable of all the people I've met is Greg Spira. Greg knows alot about many subjects and is happy to share his knowledge with anyone who's interested. Luckily for you, baseball is one of Greg's areas of expertise. Here's just a glimpse of one of the things he knows alot about.

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