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February  1, 2001


A bunch of people have written recently to ask about what I'm up to. As they have mentioned, I haven't posted any new articles up on the site recently, and I haven't posted anything about the Big Bad Baseball Annual either. So, let me give you an update.

I didn't write for the Big Bad Baseball Annual this year. After devoting a considerable amount of time to the project over the last few years, I decided the subject matter of the book and my interests were heading down slightly different paths. My interest in baseball is constantly evolving. Since the material I was doing for the book was pretty narrow in focus, I found myself getting bored. Boredom + many hours of work = time to re-focus.

I also found that I didnít have as much time to further develop some of the stuff I started on the Net.

On an almost daily basis, I get e-mails from people who stumble upon the site for the first time. For the most part, their e-mails are complimentary. Often times, though, a little hostility is sprinkled into their messages.

A somewhat typical sentence from one of the e-mails is: ďWhile I love your site, you really need to spend some time updating it." Unfortunately, the letters I get sometimes share the same sentiment, but are worded in a manner that would make my mother gasp if she were reading along with me. Of course, I donít actually get too annoyed about the phrasing since I understand people sometimes get a little terse when they canít get what they want. From the feedback I get, you want a lot. Since I truly appreciate your interest, I might as well give it to you.

Hereís a few screenshots of the projects currently on the front burner:

This is from The Baseball Primer will be updated daily with news and analysis. I won't mention all the names of guys who are writing for the site, but I will say the list includes guys who currently have stuff on the site, a growing list of guys from BBBA, and some newcomers. Sean Forman and I are adding writers to the team every day.

The site should be live around March 1st. Check back for updated info.

This is from the new main page. Since people ask all the time for help finding baseball stuff, I figured I'd better organize all the stuff I have laying around. The new setup and material should save you (and me) time. The updated and expanded links database is bigger and better than anything else on the web.

This update should be live around April 1st. Check back for updated info.

This screenshot is from the new site. Although the design is still a little rough around the edges, the new site will contain a greater depth of information than is currently available. A Minor League Newsstand, as well as team specific pages will be blended into the updated setup.

The site should also be live around April 1st. Check back for updated info. 

This is just of a tip of the iceberg. Sean Forman ( and I have a bunch of new sites in development.

Please stop by again soon!

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