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I've added a tool to enable ZiPS Projections to be made at any point in the season. You enter the ZiPS projection (available on the spreadsheet) and the current stats and it will automatically create new weights and project the rest of the current season and the final totals. You can download it here.

2005 ZiPS Projections for Diamond Mind Baseball 9.0

ZiPS Projections are for entertainment purposes only. Downloaders agree to not hold Dan Szymborski or BaseballThinkFactory.org responsible if they take Derek Lowe in the first round of their roto draft and lose money.

Old Stuff

Buddy Bucks

The currency Bud Selig proposed paying players in last CBA. Not the best photoshop job in the world (in the least), but I got a kick out of at least.

Detroit Tigers Standard 2003 Free Agent Contract

Run Support Tool

This is a spreadsheet for quickie estimates of expected W-L record from run support data. Either real run support data can be input or the spreadsheet will calculate estimated run support from team data.

Will add more tools (various spreadsheets I have for lots and lots of tasks) as I get around to it.

Unrelated to Baseball Things

Sanguo resources

Dr. Rafe Crespigny has recently made some of his writings on 2nd and 3rd century China available freely on the web. These include his translations of Sima Guang's Zizhi tongjian from 157 to 220 and his books on the northern frontier of Han China and their dealings with the Xiongnu, the complete text of Generals of the South (covering the Wu kingdom), and his lecture on Cao Cao.

Various Sanguo Zhi biographies. These were written by Jin historian Chen Shou after the end of the Three Kingdoms period.

The Sanguo yanyi, the novelized version of Sanguo, compiled by Luo Guanzhong and others based on historical records and folklore.