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by Tom Ruane


February 27, 1999

Value Added Batting Data 1980 to 1998 - Tom Ruane. "Over on SABR-L, Tom has been writing for some time about using the value added approach to evaluating hitting, stolen bases and pitching. This approach was originally developed by Gary R. Skoog in an article called MEASURING RUNS CREATED: THE VALUE ADDED APPROACH in The 1987 Bill James Baseball Abstract and uses Expected Future Runs tables to evaluate how much a batter, base-runner or pitcher helped or hurt his team. Expected Future Runs tables contain the average number of runs a team scores from each of the 24 game situations, with outs going from 0 to 2 outs and the bases going from empty to run. ............"

November 6, 1998

RBI Production--A New Look at an Old Stat - People who take their baseball statistics seriously usually have little patience for the RBI. It often measures opportunity more than production and has been used by fans to prop up the reputations of some pretty mediocre hitters. When Joe Carter topped 100 RBIs for Toronto last year, I compiled a list of the worst hitters to knock in 100 runs.


October 20, 1998

When Bad Things Happen To Good Pitchers - Do some pitchers suffer from errors more than others? Find out by readings Tom's new article.


September 10, 1998

The Care and Feeding of Young Arms - "With Kerry Wood in the headlines recently, there has been a lot of discussion in the press about how best to protect his (and other young pitcher's) arm............................."
Consistent Hitters and Similar Seasons - Which players had the most consistent seasons back-to-back. Here's a look.
Pitchers' Hitting and Fielding - "Pitcher's hitting has long gone ignored. It disappeared from Macmillan's encyclopedia after one wonderful edition and it is has never been included (except in special cases) in either Neft and Cohen's encyclopedia or Total Baseball......................."


June 3, 1998

Strikeouts, Grounders and Fly balls - "Are some outs better than others? Do the number of times a runner is advanced on a grounder or a ball is booted make up for the times the defense turns two or throws out a lead (unforced) runner? ..........."
The Last of their Tribe - An examination of the last two active players for each team that moved in the 20th century.
Player Movement - "Do players change teams more now than in the good old days? You hear grumpy old (and young) fans and sportswriters say this quite a bit these days, but are they right?"
Looking for Clutch Performance in One-Run Games - "You used to hear a lot (and perhaps still do) about a particular team's performance in one-run games and when you did, it was often used to either praise or damn their ability to perform in clutch situations. So I decided to look at which teams had the greatest differences between their winning percentage in games both decided and not decided by one run."
Hot and Cold Teams - "Early in the 1998 baseball season, the defending champion Florida Marlins suffered through an 11-game losing streak. Which sent me running to my data base to discover the best teams of the 20th century (at least according to their winning percentage) to suffer through long losing streaks the following year."
Situational Hitting - "We hear a lot these days about situational hitting, about how a hitter does with runners in scoring position, or with the bases loaded, or with--well, you get the idea. Anyway, I thought it might be interesting to look at how ALL hitters do in each of the 24 game situations. Do hitters tend to perform better with the bases empty or loaded? How much does having a runner on first help (or hurt) the hitter? "
The Importance of Winning Early - "Near the beginning of the 1998 baseball season, Dom Zminda of Stats Inc. wrote a column for his America On-Line column. It dealt with the importance of the first few games of the season and started with a table correlating a team's mark in its first 10 games with its eventual record. ......"
Tom Ruane


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