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There are a lot of knowledgable baseball people around. The trouble is finding them. Well look no further. In the coming months, I'll be adding pages from some of the best baseball minds from SABR and from the Internet.

Additionally, I'll be adding pages dedicated to some of the best sabermetricians such as: Branch Rickey, Bill James, John Thorn, Pete Palmer, Craig Wright and Earl Weaver. For now, peruse the pages I've already assembled; I think you'll find them interesting.

The Best of "Al's Baseball Tidbits" - Alan Shank In progress.

"Big Bad Baseball Annual's" Best Stuff - In progress.

Baseball Rants from a Wild Dan - Dan Szymborski knows baseball. Dan Szymborski knows math. Dan Szymborski knows how to turn a witty phrase. Put these facts together and what do you get? Very interesting reading.

Dan Levitt's Baseball Page - Dan is one of the most insightful baseball analysts that I met due to my membership in SABR.  I always pay attention to the things he says and writes because his perspective is always thoughtful.  Since I always cherish learning new things and looking at questions from different angles, I listen to what he has to say.  I think you will too.

James Fraser's Sabermetrics Page - James has been doing some interesting stuff on his own page for quite some time.  I like his stuff, so I asked if he'd like to move it over this site.  Thankfully, he liked the idea.     

The Fledgling Sabermetrician - Although I think I know quite a bit about baseball, I still feel like a newborn peering out from the nest for the first time. If you'd like, you can follow my journey from the nest. A few words of caution: heads up for bird dropping.

Roger Moore's Baseball Page - First, as Roger likes to point out right away, he's not 007. Now, this fact shouldn't be too disappointing because, frankly, if you need help saving the world from an evil villain, a baseball site is not the place you should be looking for help. On the other hand, if you're looking for a very knowledgeable baseball analyst in a quest to save the world from baseball mediocy, you've come to the right place. Roger possesses both the skills and the knowledge to fend off those evil baseball writers who would like nothing better than to fill our heads with unsubstantiated opinions and untruths.

Tom Ruane's Baseball Page - Tom Ruane is an expert at manipulating databases. So it shouldn't be a surprise, given the opportunity to work with a baseball play-by-play database, Tom can generate wads of data. However, like everyone knows, it's not the size of your data, but what you can do with it that counts. Check out what Tom has done with the wealth of baseball data he's generated from Retrosheet's play-by-play database. I think after reading what he's come up with you'll be satisfied that Tom certainly knows what he's doing.

Greg Spira

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