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How Does McGwire’s 1998 Season Rank with the All-Time Best? - Bill Gilbert. Mark McGwire’s 1998 season is one that will never be forgotten. To compare it with other great seasons, Bill used a measure called Bases per Plate Appearance (BPA).

Redefinition of "Intangible" - Alice Waugh. Although my approach to baseball analysis has a decided sabermetric leaning, I've always thought it important to keep in mind its limitations. This article points out the limitations of sabermetrics with a reasonable, well thought out argument. I enjoyed reading it, and thought you might too.
The Greatest Player not in the Hall of Fame - Ed Nixon. Ed is a fellow SABR member gracious enough to contribute this article.

NEW  Kzone - a new measure of Strikezone Judgment - Brian Myers . The research community has made an enormous contribution to the area of baseball statistics and analysis in recent years. The size of the analyst's ‘toolbox’, as a result, has expanded dramatically. Still, little (or none) of this effort (excluding the now-general acceptance that On-Base-Average (OBA) is the best predictor of a player/team’s ability to score runs) has been directed at assessing strike zone judgment..........


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