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September 20, 1999

Updated PREVIEW Extrapolated Statistics - Jim Furtado. This stuff is still pretty raw. I'm working on creating my own stats haven using my Extrapolated Win methodology. Stop by and check out some up to date numbers. Feel free to give me feedback.

March 9, 1999

The Best Strat-O-Matic Hitters Cards in 1998 - Jim Furtado. For the second year in a row, I present a look at the best hitters' cards for the new set of the most popular baseball boardgame.

An Opening Day Tale - Jim Furtado. I've been playing Strat-O-Matic baseball for over 25 years. A few years ago, I made my first pilgrimage to SOM Headquarters with my father and my friend Bob. Check out this article to read about our trip and to see some pictures of the event.


February 8, 1999

Why Do We Need Another Player Evaluation Method? - Jim Furtado. Why have I spent a good chunk of my limited free time researching and designing player analysis formulas? Click the link to find out. But don't worry, you won't end up delving into the deep recesses of my mind. Instead, you'll find an examination of the myriad player evaluation formulas currently in use by baseball analysts.

Introducing XR - Jim Furtado. There have been a number of systems developed to predict runs scored from baseball's various events (1B, 2B, SB, etc.). Which one is best? I may be partial, but I kind of like my new Extrapolated Runs (XR). It's based on Paul Johnson's Estimated Runs Produced and is accurate and very simple to calculate. I hope you like it.

Extrapolated Wins - G. Jay Walker and Jim Furtado. Knowing how many runs a player generates during his time at the plate should only be the first step in the player evaluation process. With much help from The Big Bad Baseball Annual's G. Jay Walker, I've finally put the finishing touches on the offensive component of my method. Check it out.

Methods and Accuracy in Run Estimation Tools - Jim Furtado. OK, you already read the XR articles and you're looking for some numbers to dig into. Get your shovel ready.



Andruw Jones is overrated? I don't think so. - At the start of the 1998 season, this discussion occupied the minds of many fantasy players. It seems discussions like this happen every season. What do I think? Click the link.
How to Build Your Own Minor League Scouting Network - Reviews of baseball scouting tomes. I've included info on the books and periodicals that I read. Feel free to comment on your own favorites.
Ball Park Effects - Ball parks effect every game's outcome. Isolating the effects is difficult, if not impossible. Here are few of my thoughts on the subject. I've also included my 1997 Park Factors and a short article titled Using Park Factors. I use Fred McGriff and Andres Galarraga to illustrate how park factors can be used.
POWER - I developed a stat to measure a player's raw power which I call strangely enough -- POWER. It's similar to Bill James Isolated Power but instead of using ABs, I place Balls in Play (BIP) in the denominator. Read my reasons for making the adjustment and find out who the lumberjacks were in 1997.
The Best Strat-O-Matic Hitters Cards in 1997 - Who has the best hitter card in SOM's 1997 card set. Check out this page to find out.


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