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by Dan Levitt


February 7, 2000

NEW Fielding Opportunities by Position Based on Pitcher Hand Evaluating fielders based on statistics like Total Chances or Range Factor (simply Total Chances per game) has been shown to have some merit. That is, better fielders typically make more plays per game.  One of the underlying assumptions in the evaluation is that all fielders at the same position, over time, would be exposed to the same number of fielding opportunities.  One flaw in this assumption which I examine below is that where balls are hit is at least partially dependent on the pitcher's hand....... 

Speed Scores and Reaching Base on Errors In a previous essay I examined the effect of team speed on opposition errors. This essay expands the analysis by looking at individual players I examined the effect of speed on reaching base on error by looking at all 219 batters who had at least 300 at bats in 1980 using the 1980 Retrosheet files. As a proxy for player speed I used ...... 

What if Joe Jackson hadn't been banned?  Alternative history by its very nature is completely speculative. But since others have estimated Jackson's career batting totals had he not been banned, I thought it might be interesting to take a closer look. ...... 

November 10, 1999

The Batter/Pitcher Matchup  - One of the key questions facing baseball modelers revolves around determining of the outcome of the batter/pitcher match-up. When a .310 hitter faces a pitcher with a batting average against (OAV) of .290 what should the resulting batting average be? At first glance it may appear..........
Speed and Opposition Errors - A Preliminary Analysis  - In the 1997 Statistical Analysis Committee meeting some of the discussion revolved around the effect of speed as a factor in forcing opposition errors.  I have completed some preliminary research in this area, although analyzed for teams rather than individuals. 

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